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Finally! Did I get you so far that you are now seriously considering to make the famous world trip or that long journey? In any case, you have now reached the right address, with tips that you might first take to heart before you start doing something in the real world. In this cyber world it is in any case a lot less dangerous….

Here you will find comprehensive information about all aspects related to your journey, wherever you go and how long you stay away. For example, what do you need to arrange with regard to your health and finances? How do you apply for a visa? Where can you find the embassy? How can you stay on the road? Which travel insurance can you best take? These are just a few questions on which you will find the answers here. And the travel tips are regularly refreshed and extended, so you can prepare well for your next trip. With The Free Travel Guide you will be having the perfect options now. morans westward ho

Leave solid existence

What is involved when you travel for a long time? How do you deal with leaving your family, friends and pets behind? What do you do with your home when you travel and how do you deal with safety and risks? What about your social benefits and can you receive a benefit when you are traveling? Read all about leaving behind permanent existence here

The benefits of VPN traveling

VPN is very useful for traveling! A secure VPN connection offers many advantages for travelers who open their laptops on every WiFi hotspot, book their flights on the road and want to watch their favorite Dutch TV programs abroad. Read more about the benefits of VPN traveling here

What to do in the event of death abroad

Going on vacation and making beautiful trips: that is wonderful! But what you probably never think about is the scenario of a death abroad. Besides the emotional impact that this has, suddenly a lot has to be arranged. But what do you have to do if you end up in such a situation? Read more about what to do in the event of death abroad

The five best places in Europe for a romantic trip

Nothing is more romantic than taking your loved one with you on a journey. Surprise him or her with a trip to a place where you feel the sparks skip, where chemistry transcends all boundaries or where you can just lie close to each other. Read more about the five best places in Europe for a romantic trip

Tips for getting married abroad

Getting married abroad completes the fairy tale. More and more people are choosing to celebrate their wedding across borders, in a place that is somewhat more exotic and warmer. Or couples want to give each other the yes-word in a place where they got to know each other.


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